Donate & Get Involved


Our supporters are committed foundations, corporations, government agencies and civil society. Their support through sponsorship, events, initiatives, in-kind philanthropic donations are critical to our mission to provide our veterans with a livelihood and purpose through local, consistent and inclusive programs. We are humbled and thankful for their support. It takes private, public partnerships to effectively address the needs of our veterans.

Zulu Time understands that before a public agency is prepared to discuss if a public-private partnership arrangement is appropriate, consideration must be paid to the major steps required prior to the start of any public-private partnership proposal, negotiation or implementation. In short, Zulu Time first considers and agrees upon the 4P’s: Problem, Project, Priorities and Politics with potential partners. 1) Problem: Zulu Time outlines the varying problems the veteran community faces. 2) We define solutions, clearly, taking a holistic approach ensuring the veteran is not list in the system. We develop meaningful relationships, improve health, provide guidance and improve their sense of purpose. 3) We understand there are many pressing issues and can help you assess how this project and this problem compares with other needs. Often, there is overlap and synergies. We work towards a common expectation and an understanding of the process and timing of the negotiation and project delivery. 4) Zulu Time professionals understand policy and legislation. We must look at the transaction and the goals, level of sophistication, risk tolerance and potential bias. The eco system of elected officials, public agency staff, legal, investors/developers, members of the public, special interest groups and regulators at the local, state and federal level.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering your valuable time at Zulu Time. We value the contribution our volunteers have to the success of our programs and mission. The dedication and passion that our volunteers demonstrate has an immense impact and benefit to our community of veterans, service members, and their family.

Volunteer Opportunities

It’s important to us that you are connected to a position that utilizes your experience and skill set and in turn provides you the best opportunity to serve. The areas of opportunity are as follows:

  • Customer Service (Greet and Connect) Receptionist: Welcomes military members to our center by greeting, verifying military background and giving them log in credentials for access to the technology center. Duties include greet our guests, answer questions and phone calls, data entry for intake forms, provide resources and schedule appointments.
  • Staff Support: There are opportunities to assist Zulu Time staff with their work load. We can discuss the opportunities and what you feel most comfortable in supporting.
  • Event Coordinators: There are a number of ways to assist with events both at Zulu Time as well as events the team attends within the community. Planning events, parking attendants, setup/tear down, meet & greet, and provide representation at resource fair and other events (weekend & evening volunteering opportunities are available).
  • Barista: Background in making coffee and tea products with the ability to listen to the veteran customer and provide peer guidance if applicable.
  • Peer-Peer Councilor Training Program

Veteran peer-peer interactions are by far the most effective way towards a successful transition from military to civilian. There is an inherent trust factor, the ability to provide ‘tough-love’ and a means to ‘fast-track’ our veterans towards success. Within the Zulu Time community, we have implemented trained veteran councilors if additional support is needed beyond conversations centered around military service background, where they have been and where they intend to go. We look for empathetic, loyal, authentic, mission focused leaders within the community that want to give back in a meaningful way to their fellow brothers and sisters who served. The training is free of cost for the veteran interested. These trained counselors will oversee the healing/support process, so they do not get passed around and forgotten. A triage method focused on improving their personal, professional and health needs. From this, we form genuine relationships and the veteran in need feels a sense of belonging and is closer to an enriched life. Zulu Time makes sure we are set up for success by building elements of transparency, open communication and regular interaction.

Getting Started as a Volunteer

  1. Complete and submit the following forms:
  2. Once the application and background check are complete, you will be contacted to come in and meet with the volunteer manager. We will discuss your goals for volunteering and find the perfect assignment for you. After acceptance into our volunteer program, you will fill out paperwork and begin training, specific for your area of volunteerism.

Monitor and Evaluate

Government officials, high profile research groups and civil society all admit more information is needed in order to help our veterans in a meaningful way. There continues to be billions of dollars and thousands of organizations popping up addressing veteran and their family needs, yet numbers are worse now than they were five years ago. By involving our veteran customer both in-person and through customized software, we can track what they are asking for, what they need and define success. Zulu Time’s research provides actionable and impactful research to the veteran community and other disciplines, including mental and physical heath professionals, industry, government and civil society. Since its inception we incorporated the ability to measure, analyze and communicate the impact our program has on veterans and the community. Through our research, Zulu Time provides unique insights and empirically driven recommendations supporting improved outcomes for veterans.